RealtyeVest’s Innovative Marketplace Is Proving an Early Hit Among Real Estate Sponsors

RealtyeVest Transforms its Crowdfunding Technology for Client Use

RealtyeVest-logo-lgJacksonville, FLA (October 26, 2017) – RealtyeVest has once again expanded its platform to include a one-of-a-kind Marketplace. Clients can now utilize the RealtyeVest cutting-edge back-end technology to promote their own deals. Offering fully automated integration with a Sponsor’s front-end allows investors access to entire deal metrics including deal specifics, sponsor information, videos, images, documentation including execution tools, customized CRM and dashboards, accreditation and funding.

The company, a leading online marketplace, has announced today that it has signed multiple new clients for its unique platform, RealtyeVest Marketplace. The future of real estate capital raising is here thanks to RealtyeVest’s solution, which leverages crowdsourcing technology to deliver a simple, real-time, transparent solution for real estate sponsors to comprehensively manage its capital campaigns at substantially lower costs along with great results.

“Since launching the Marketplace recently, we’ve received some rather interesting traction,” said Dan Summers, CEO of RealtyeVest. “So far, one national and one regional subdivision developer, one national self-storage operator, one large regional single-family house redeveloper, a real estate investment fund, and a very large international hotel developer in the process of a massive Orlando, Florida development, have signed up for our solution. This is quite a menu of operators all looking to automate their capital raising abilities utilizing our crowdsourcing technology.”

To launch the new program, the company charges a fraction of the cost typically charged to raise funds. As an added benefit, RealtyeVest does not ask for any percentage of the eventual capital raised. “We’re receiving traction as a result of a void in the marketplace for raising capital,” Summers added. “Crowdfunding has gotten a lot of publicity recently, and there are many larger well-established companies that want in but don’t know exactly how nor do they want to wait. The bigger companies realize the value in monetizing a deal quickly, and as a result, increasing deal flow and cutting back on their workforce and overhead.”

Up to now, traditional capital raising methods have proven drawn out and slow. In addition, reaching out to large groups of investors can be complicated, particularly when they’re coming from multiple entities. Sending documents to numerous investors can also be a tedious and costly process. Conversely, RealtyeVest Marketplace instantaneously pushes tens of thousands of emails through digital marketing to investors and tracks results in real time with its custom dashboard.

Find out more information at

About RealtyeVest

RealtyeVest is an online marketplace that connects investors and sponsors (real estate owner-operators) to crowdfund exclusive real estate investments. Real Estate is the primary focus of our company’s platform and technology is the instrument we use to disseminate investment opportunities. Our platform allows RealtyeVest members to browse, research and make informed investment decisions on exclusive real estate offers. Find out more information at

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Xscape Fires NeNe Leakes As Official Host of Reunion Tour Over Distasteful Rape “Joke”

NeNe Leakes has suffered the first professional setback since making a distasteful rape joke towards a female heckler at a comedy show and one of her Real Housewives costars played a pivotal role.

Kandi Burruss and her band Xscape announced Thursday (Oct. 12) that they have decided to drop NeNe from their reunion tour. It was only announced last week that NeNe would serve as the tour’s official host.

Xscape’s statement regarding their decision to part with NeNe reads in part:

“Like many, we were dismayed by the recent remarks made by our talented colleague and friend Nene Leakes. As a result, we have decided to no longer proceed with her participation on our tour…

“As strong supporters of all women, we know this decision is what is best. Our hearts go out to all female victims and we stand with you! This tour is for and about our fans and we want to provide an entertaining and enjoyable experience for every single person who attends.”

Tamara Tattles first speculated NeNe was off the tour last night when it was pointed out that the reality star’s name had been removed from all social media related to “The Great Xscape Tour.”

NeNe’s PR nightmare was sparked by an off-comment she made at comedy show over the weekend. “I ain’t even gonna tell you about the goddam Uber driver. I hope he rape yo’ ass tonight when he take you home, bitch,” she told a female heckler in the crowd.

She has since apologized for the horrible joke. “As a woman and someone who has survived abuse, I regret the worlds that I used,” she wrote, in part, in a statement. “I hope people accept my deepest and sincerest apologies.”

Only time will tell if NeNe will lose any more jobs and/or coins over the joke, including her coveted spot on E!’s Fashion Police.

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Joey Fatone Open to NSYNC Reunion If Justin Timberlake Headlines 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Is Justin Timberlake planning to pull a Beyoncé? The singer is reportedly in serious talks to headline the Super Bowl LII halftime show, which has many wondering if JT will briefly reunite with NSYNC similar to Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child in 2013.

TMZ Sports asked Joey Fatone on Wednesday (Oct. 4) if he would be interested in joining the Super Bowl stage with Timberlake and their former bandmates. The singer turned TV host was quick to remind us that NSYNC has already done the Super Bowl Halftime Show (2001), but said that he would be open to the idea.

“It’s just one of those things, like we did the MTV Awards [in 2013], if someone asks to do it and if it’s right, then we’ll do it. If everybody can’t do it, then we won’t do it. It’s pretty simple.”

Though it has been speculated for several weeks that Timberlake is “finalizing” the deal, he has yet to sign on the dotted line and the NFL has not yet made a decision on who the 2018 headliner will be. The NFL released a statement regarding the rumors:

“No decisions have been made on the performer(s) and we are not going to speculate on particular artists. Along with Pepsi, we know that we will put on a spectacular show. When it is time to announce her name, we will do it. Or his name. Or their names.”

We reported in August that JAY-Z and Timberlake were both in talks to headline the halftime show. However, it has since been reported Jay turned down the offer. Justin is expected to release new music as early as February 2018, which would coincide with Super Bowl LII.

And even if an NSYNC reunion does not happen during TV’s most watched event, one is expected to eventually happen in 2018. Lance Bass stated in September that all five members plan to attend the revealing of the group’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“The next time all five of us will be together at one time is when we get our star,” Bass told Hollywood Life. “We haven’t figured out the date yet, but we’re all planning it now and it’ll be quite the celebration.”

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NEW MUSIC: Beyoncé Hops on “Mi Gente” Remix With J Balvin

Beyoncé has teamed up with Colombian reggaeton singer J. Balvin for a remix to his hit single “Mi Gente.”

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard new music from Beyoncé (about seven months to be exact), and this release comes right on time, as she’s preparing to take over the Coachella festival next April.

The song is mostly in Spanish and features Beyoncé “rap-singing” Spanish as well as English lyrics.

Instagram Photo

According to a post on her Instagram page, Bey is donating proceeds from the single’s sales to help hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Mexico and other areas in the Caribbean islands affected by recent hurricanes and tropical storms.

We find it incredibly sad that celebrities like Beyoncé are doing more for hurricane victims than Donald Trump, who is supposed to be the President of the United States.

Take a listen to “Mi Gente” Remix (via the official lyric video) below

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Cardi B Is the First Solo Female Rapper to Claim No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 Spot in 20 Years, Nicki Minaj Applauds Achievement

Cardi B just keeps on winning. The breakout artist of the year just became the first female rapper to top the Billboard Hot 100 (with a solo record) in nearly 20 years!

As of Monday (Sept. 25), “Bodak Yellow” is officially the number one song in the country. The last time a solo single by a female rapper claimed the No. 1 spot on the chart was back in 1998 when Lauryn Hill achieved the feat with “Doo Wop (That Thing).

Back in August, “Bodak Yellow” made the former Love & Hip Hop star become the highest charting solo female rapper since Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” in 2014. However, having a No. 1 solo single on the Hot 100 is something even Minaj hasn’t done since debuting on the chart in 2010.

Minaj congratulated Cardi B for the achievement on Twitter.

Carbi B is now among five female rappers to ever hit No. 1 on the Hot 100. The others include Lil Kim (with Christina Aguilera, Mya and Pink for “Lady Marmalade”), Shawnaa (featured on Ludacris’ “Stand Up”), Iggy Azalea (with Charli XCX for “Fancy”) and the previously mentioned Lauryn Hill.

Also, an equally marvelous achievement—to me at least—Cardi dethroned Taylor Swift whose wretched “Look What You Made Me Do” has held the Hot 100 top-spot for three consecutive weeks.

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Watch “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life” Documentary (FULL VIDEO)

The story of singer Chris Brown features new concert footage, behind-the-scenes access and interviews with Usher, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Mary J. Blige, Mike Tyson, Rita Ora, Jamie Foxx, Terrence Jenkins and others.


Official description/synopsis:

This compelling documentary moves beyond the spotlight and past the attention-grabbing headlines to give pop superstar Chris Brown a chance to tell his own story. New interviews with the international phenomenon reveal long-awaited answers about his passion for making music, his tumultuous and much-publicized relationships, and the pitfalls of coming of age in the public eye.

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Laura Helm: Usher Herpes Accuser Reveals Identity & Explicit Details of Her Sexual Encounters With the Singer

Despite Usher requesting a judge to dismiss her $20 million lawsuit, one his accusers is not only charging forward with her case, but has revealed her identity.

Laura Helm—previously only identified as “Jane Doe”—filed new documents in Atlanta on Tuesday (Sept. 19) through her lawyer, Lisa West. Citing Usher’s “[attempt] to stall the progression of this case” because of her “Jane Doe” alias, Helm decided to reveal her real name.

In new court documents obtained by Radar Online, Helm gives explicit details of her two sexual encounters with the singer and how he allegedly infected her with herpes.

Here are a few things you need to know about Laura Helm.

Laura Helm developed herpes symptoms soon after 2 sexual encounters with Usher and claims she didn’t have sexual contact with anyone else.

Laura Helm claims she and Usher have known each other for several years, describing him as a “platonic acquaintance who had close mutual friends.” Their relationship didn’t become sexual, however, until their two encounters in April 2017.

She says she performed oral sex on the singer on April 16 and then they had intercourse using a condom. Their next encounter occurred on April 28 also included oral sex and intercourse, but no condom.

Soon after her two sexual experiences with Usher, Helm claims an “unusual bump appeared on the inside of [her] cheek.” She also discovered an “unusual bump the size of a pea that was painful to the touch on [her] vagina.” These are symptoms of herpes.

Helm learned that Usher had herpes in July 2017 after a 2012 lawsuit against the singer became public and showed that he paid a woman $1.1 million for giving her the STD without first informing her he was infected.

Helm became concerned for her own health and filed a $10 million lawsuit against Usher for exposing the STD to her as well. She then tested positive for the incurable Herpes Simplex 2 virus. She increased her lawsuit to $20 million and claimed she suffered “extreme and debilitating mental, emotional and physical distress and anguish, humiliation and embarrassment” due to the diagnosis.

She is adamant that she did not have sexual contact with anyone else between her two encounters with Usher and when she developed herpes symptoms.

Usher requested a judge dismiss Helm’s lawsuit in August, arguing she has no proof she contracted herpes from him instead of another sexual partner. His lawyer also argued that she assumed any risks when consenting to unprotected sex with him.

Usher used a condom during their first sexual encounter, but removed it after asking Laura Helm to perform oral sex.

According to the court documents, Laura Helm’s first sexual encounter with Usher occurred on April 16, 2017 at her Atlanta home. Helm doesn’t state why Usher was at her home, but the visit was initially just two friends conversing.

The two began by discussing Usher’s “humanitarian efforts in Africa,” as well as current events and the state of U.S. politics. Usher also expressed his concern about contaminated water sources and his plan to install a complete water filtration system in his own home. Helm also says Usher boasted about his lack of stage fright.

The friendly conversation lasted a few hours until they “began engaging in intimate sexual relations” in Helm’s bedroom, including “skin-to-skin contact” and “vaginal-penile intercourse.”

Usher brought his own condom and used it during intercourse. However, Helm claims Usher took off his condom before ejaculating and requested she perform oral sex on him. She obliged until he stopped her, again before he was able to climax.

Helms says Usher then “grabbed his penis and went into the bathroom.” It can be assumed the singer ejaculated while in the bathroom, but Helms cannot positively confirm this.

We should also note that in the 2012 lawsuit, Usher claims he diagnosed with herpes after observing a “greenish discharge” from his penis. This could explain his reluctance to ejaculate in Helm’s presence.

Laura Helm says Usher exhibited strange behavior and did not use a condom during their second sexual encounter.

Laura Helm’s second sexual encounter with Usher occurred just 12 days later on April 28 in New Orleans.

Helm arrived at Usher’s hotel room and she claims he had a “freshly-showered scent.” The two briefly chatted until Usher went to the upstairs bathroom and showered again.

Usher repeatedly requested Helm to perform oral sex on the balcony; he then returned the favor. The two then proceeded to have vaginal intercourse without a condom.

Immediately following their hook-up, Helm says Usher “leapt from the bed, grabbed his penis, ran to the bathroom, and began to shower again.” As in their previous encounter, Helm did not see Usher ejaculate before he retreated to the bathroom.

“Confused by [Usher’s] behavior,” Helm left Usher’s hotel room while he was in the shower, the court documents state.

A few days after the hotel hook-up with the singer is when Laura Helm noticed the bumps in her cheek and on her vagina.

Laura Helm is a singer from New Orleans who now lives in Atlanta. Her stage name is “Laura Michelle.”

Laura Helm is a singer/songwriter from New Orleans and performs under the stage name, “Laura Michelle.” According to her official website, she is “an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, dancer, actress and model and has transformed into a multifaceted artist.”

Helm recorded her first song when she was 14 years old. She gained New Orleans exposure by singing in choirs, theatrical performances, and commercials.

A lover of fashion, she also creates her own costumes through her line, LaMiche.

Helm was forced to relocate to Atlanta due to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. She continued to pursue her artistic dream by participating in an artist development center for three years.

Laura Michelle’s latest single, “Old News,” is currently available on iTunes. Other tracks can also be found on her SoundCloud page.

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Mariah Carey Is Stiff as a Board in VH1 Hip Hop Honors Performance

There are many things Mariah Carey is known for: Her diva attitude, her dog-whistle high notes and her love of all things relating to butterflies.

One thing she is NOT known for is being a skilled, agile dancer.

So know that when I say that Mariah’s lack of movement onstage at the 2017 VH1 Hip Hop Honors was strange, it’s not because I had delusions that she was capable of pulling off a Janet Jackson-style “Rhythm Nation” routine. I just expected her to behave like someone with a pulse and a working musculoskeletal system.

Instead, we got the mannequin challenge.

Mariah looked so uncomfortable onstage throughout the entire routine and she required the assistance of two male dancers to move anything more than an inch.

And when she was supposed to interact with Ma$e during his verse, she looked like she was clenching her ass cheeks and suffering from a serious case of bubble guts the entire time. Ma$e, on the other hand, was bubbly and bounced around during his performance like Tigger. Mariah: She gave him nothing but her best Eeyore and had a face that screamed, “Why am I here right now?”

Watch Mariah’s incredibly lazy VH1 Hip Hop Honors performance below.

Mariah’s former choreographer Anthony Burrell admitted in recent interviews that Mariah’s laziness onstage is something that he dealt with when he worked with her. He also said she performs with “no f*cks given” and called her recent performances “lackluster.” So we already know what time it is, especially after we witnessed that horrendous New Year’s Eve performance.

But Twitter still couldn’t help but notice, mock and highlight just how terrible and awkward Mariah was on VH1 Hip Hop Honors.

I’m gonna need Mariah to do a little bit better than this, please. Either that or put away all of the damn dancers and just pull an Adele. But you can’t have all of these people bustin’ a move and breakin’ a sweat, twirling around you while you lazily gaze at them and sigh, Mimi.

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Rehab Looks Real Good on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Teairra Mari

Although her relevance on the music scene remains a longshot, Teiarri Mari, once a protege of Jay-Z’s, appears to finally be on the road to recovery and wellness.

If you’ve been following Teairra’s storyline on the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, then you know that Teairra’s battle with alcoholism has taken center stage.

After denial and denial and denial of her addiction, Teairra finally broke down and accepted rehab treatment in episode 9, after Moniece and Miss Nikki Baby sprung an intervention on her crazy ass.

You have to remember though that these reality shows film months in advance, so that means right now, Teairra is several months past her stint in rehab. And guess what? Rehab did Little Miss Teairra some serious good and she’s ready to show off her snapback to the world.

Wearing a teased afro wig and some sexy lingerie, Teairra Mari flaunted a noticeably fitter body, glowing skin and focus in a series of Instagram snaps. Gone are the glassy eyes, bloated body and cheap wigs that have been Teairra’s trademark for the least three years.

Instagram Photo

Accompanying the sizzling pics is the use of the hashtag #rehab and #Bad. The #Bad hashtag isn’t an ode to Michael Jackson or a hashtag representing her credit score, but instead it’s in support of her new single, “Bad,” which isn’t destined to be a chart-topper but also doesn’t sound like complete hot shit.

Here’s a sneak peek from Teairra’s Instagram page:

Instagram Photo

Teiarra has been a completely sloppy, utter mess for the last four years on LHHH and this season seemed to be no different, given that she was linked up with trash-ass Cisco “Creep Squad” Rosado. But it looks like 2017 is the year that Teairra FINALLY decided to get right with herself and repair all of those years of self-inflicted harm.

Go, Teairra! We’re rooting for you, boo.

P.S. Never ever pick up that ratty-ass, Sunikist-colored wig and put it on your head again, OK?

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